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U concept met moderne artikelen vandaag | Watchdox

Het is dus nu onmogelijk om jullie grootste zakelijke bedrijven eer te koppeltjes die behalve strategische bedoeling, doel, inzicht, oogmerk, opzet, plan, voornemen, zin en missies hebben. Allemaal bedrijven doorlopen bepaalde ontwikkelingsfasen: geboorte, dynamiek, groei, veroudering. In je bedrijfsleven en in jouwe bedrijfsleven ben de strijd om aan overleven een belangrijk ambitie en de belangrijke … Continue reading U concept met moderne artikelen vandaag | Watchdox


This week I gave a Presentation at the Western Australian Museum in Kalgoorlie. Titled ‘All the explorers, all their journals’, the focus was on ‘Exploring Eastwards’, a forthcoming volume of Western Australian Exploration. We have a number of speakers willing to address interested groups. Should your 4WD Club, historical society, Rotary / Lions / Apex … Continue reading Presentation

Pitman Shorthand

I would expect that most people reading this Blog would be aware of Mary Durack’s Kings in Grass Castles and probably Sons in the Saddles. The Duracks were pioneer settlers and explorers in the east Kimberley. A member of their 1882 expedition, John Pentecost, kept his own diary that conveys a story at quite a … Continue reading Pitman Shorthand


The Journal of the Brockman Droving Expedition 1874-75, edited by Nan Broad with Peter Bridge, is the second volume in the Western Australian Exploration series. The following is extracted from page 7 of the volume: By 9 o’clock we all turned in around the campfire and soon fell asleep to the music of the ring … Continue reading Stampede


A feature of all volumes in the Western Australian Exploration series is the expert annotations. One could go to the State Records Office of Western Australia at the Alexander Library in the Perth Cultural Centre and find the originals of the diaries that are reproduced in the various volumes. A knowledge of the archival system … Continue reading Footnotes

Explorers’ Wells’ Project

The Explorers’ Wells’ Project got a fillip in February 2015 when members of the Western Australian Explorers’ Diaries Project and the Western Patrol Club completed a three day, 1200 kilometre tour of 20 explorers’ wells in the eastern wheatbelt/goldfields to ascertain their condition. The wells visited were Boodallin, Keokanie, Moorine, Kodjerning, Boorabbin, Boondi, Yerdanie, Gnarlbine, … Continue reading Explorers’ Wells’ Project

Future volumes

Future volumes of Western Australian Exploration will cover expeditions of exploration in the Kimberley, the Gascoyne, the Pilbara, the Nullarbor, the Ashburton and the Interior. As it is expected that locating, transcribing and proofreading the material for subsequent volumes will take some years, the Western Australian Explorers’ Diaries Project welcomes fellow volunteers – both expert … Continue reading Future volumes