Explorers’ Wells’ Project

The Explorers’ Wells’ Project got a fillip in February 2015 when members of the Western Australian Explorers’ Diaries Project and the Western Patrol Club completed a three day, 1200 kilometre tour of 20 explorers’ wells in the eastern wheatbelt/goldfields to ascertain their condition.

The wells visited were Boodallin, Keokanie, Moorine, Kodjerning, Boorabbin, Boondi, Yerdanie, Gnarlbine, Karalee, Weowanie, Duladgin, Koorkoordine, Burracoppin, Totadgin, Metchering, Doodlakine, Marranoppin, Naraline, Tammin and Youndegin.

Some of the wells could not be found, some had been restored but most were in poor condition. Some are in danger of disappearing entirely. Unless urgent work is carried out immediately Keokanie, Yerdanie, Gnarlbine (second well), Burracoppin, and Metchering will be lost to our State’s heritage forever.

Totadgin, Moorine, Doodlakine, Marranoppin and Youndegin require attention but the need is not so urgent.

The Project is preparing a plan to coordinate refurbishment of the wells after liaison with the relevant local government authorities, DPaWs, property owners, and other stakeholders.

Report of the Explorers’ Wells’ Recce February 2015;