Work Completed, Canning

The latest release in the Western Australian Exploration series, Work Completed, Canning has enjoyed strong sales.

Work Completed, Canning is the story of Surveyor A.W. Canning’s exploration and subsequent development of what was to become known as the Canning Stock Route. It was one of the greatest feats in the annals of Western Australian Exploration. His subsequent efforts to refurbish the stock route 23 years later at the age of 70 further cemented his name as one of Western Australia’s pre-eminent bushmen.


The Canning Stock Route was the most remote stock route in the world. It crosses two thousand kilometres of the Great Sandy Desert, the Little Sandy Desert and large portions of the Gibson Desert from Halls Creek in the Kimberley, south to the goldfields.

Work Completed, Canning features photographs, maps, exploration and droving journals that have never been published before. Mysteries of the stock route are solved, and long held beliefs and myths corrected. Phil Bianchi’s research is complemented by Appendixes on flora, fauna and pasture.

This heavily referenced and comprehensively indexed volume is destined to become the definitive history of the Canning Stock Route and will appeal to historians, anthropologists, scientists, family history researchers, local shires, tour companies, tourists and travellers, and general readers.

Kim Epton
Series Editor
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